Did life on Earth come from other star systems?

Researchers say that life may have traveled to Earth from afar on an interstellar customer, like a strange cigar-shaped object, “Muamua.”

However, it is the key to reaching here It does not mean that it was a means-it was actually removed there.

“We predict that” something like Ou Muamua is always one inside the 1 AU sun at any given time, “said planetary scientist Invoice Bottle, a panel discussion on breakthrough focus at college. In the last month of Berkeley, California said. (1 AU, or astronomical unit, is the distance between the Earth and the sun in general-about 93 million miles, or 150 km.)

The article indicated” non-gravitational acceleration. ” Because it moved away from the sun, it stimulated the hypothesis that “Muamua is very likely to be some form of alien spacecraft.”

However, according to consensus, the intruder is ice and its strange behavior is due to comet-like outgassing.

“This shows that ice can survive beyond these interstellar distances,” said Karen Meach, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii at the College of Astronomies, during the panel’s breakthrough focus. Was.

An earlier analysis of comets and various small bodies of ours in our personal photo voltaic system indicated that “objects like Muamua show good thermal insulation and radiation shielding.” She added. This is great news for microbes that may go on a journey.

Astronomers were aware of “Obama’s natal star system,” but have no idea how the article was dumped into dark and frigid waste. However, it may have been touring via the interstellar house for more than 10 million years, Meach said.

Steinn Sigurdsson, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University, speaks through a unique talk on breakthrough focus on assembly.

Earlier studies by Harvard astronomer Abi Loeb and others, along with Sigurdson’s personal calculations, showed that about 10 billion “ Moore-like objects hit Earth in the nearly 46 billion years of its historic past. Has done that, “said Sigurdson. (This assumes that our bodies are in random orbits; they were not dispatched in their way by clever aliens, an idea often known as directional panspermia about it)

“It’s impossible to catch Muamua,” said Loeb, chairman of the Astronomy Division at Harvard, and recently co-authored a paper that speculated that “Oumuamua is probably a foreign sailing ship.” He said that the tracking probe would need to be adjusted with a powerful (and heavy and expensive) telescope because he didn’t know exactly where the article was now.

“It makes much more sense to look for the next interstellar object,” Loeb said during the panel’s breakthrough focus question-and-answer session. (He was in the audience, not the days.)

Lobe added a very effective giant synoptic research telescope, which will begin observing celestial bodies from Chile in subsequent years, finding each month when one interstellar object is fully operational per month Will do.

In fact, it is true that life made a relatively short leap before returning to Earth. The terrestrial planets of our solar system exchange rocks quite often. That’s because the growing variety of Mars meteorites on Earth has proven. Indeed, some researchers believe that life probably began with the Crimson Planet and brought a solution to Earth on rocks lofted into the house by strong influence.

As stated, panspermia-interstellar or native, indicated, or pure-is not a standard clarification for every time occurrence on Earth. In any case, there is no evidence, so most researchers go with Occam’s razor and assume that we are native to blue marble.

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